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The best Charity DApps building on EOS


EOS software can be used to build high performance, decentralized applications. In fact, the EOS blockchain now plays host to hundreds of dApps that function in various different sectors, including Social Media, Exchanges, and Health and Fitness.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be looking at 3 dApps within the Charity sector, Karma, GiveyNation, and Bonnum Network. We’ll be examining what their missions are, and what they offer to the community.


Karma is a decentralized application built on the EOSio blockchain. It’s a social network designed to incentivize users to perform charitable acts, as a way to improve life for others around the world. Users should have beneficial interactions and post them on the platform where other users will up-vote their post. This will allow users to receive Karma, thereby creating a positive feedback loop through charity and a tokenized incentive.

Users can also earn Karma by up-voting others acts, and can give Karma to people they feel deserve it. Karma is, at its core, a borderless eco-system that helps to incentivize users into taking daily actions to improve the lives of others.


GiveyNation is a community fundraising dApp, that aims to solve issues with transparency and trust in the charity sector. GiveyNation wants charity donors to be able to see precisely where their donations go, and the social impact they make.

GiveyNation aims to create an autonomous community where users can connect with charities with complete transparency. They argue that the traditional charity fundraising market is mostly dominated by huge organizations with a lack of accountability to their donors, and overheads that eat up smaller donations. GiveyNation aims to change this with their platform, allowing donors to give directly to causes without the inconvenience of a middleman.

Bonnum Network

Bonnum Network is a crypto eco-system designed to provide financial services to the 1.7 billion unbanked adults around the world. Their services work for all levels of technical sophistication, with or without smartphones. Those without smartphones can use the platform through the Bonnum Passport, a paper wallet which contains both public and private active keys. They have already launched a basic income pilot in Venezuela, where they are providing aid to families through EOS at $1 per day, for 90 days. Bonnum Networks’ Dashboard allows donors and humanitarian organizations to follow the platform’s impact in real time. The platform also acts as a tool for Aid distribution, where users can vote for beneficiaries, and can also withdraw their vote at any point.

Each of these projects is doing something for the betterment of humanity, albeit in different ways. Karma helps to encourage individuals to engage in beneficial human interactions, GiveyNation provides transparency and removes the middleman within the humanitarian sector, and Bonnum Network helps to provide financial services and aid to those in need. These dApps all adhere to the core beliefs of the EOSio blockchain, aiming to improve the community and the lives of the less fortunate. Which platform you prefer is entirely up to personal preference, but it’s important to recognize the excellent work that each one is doing. If you take anything from this, know that these platforms show the value of EOS in the transformation of human lives.

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