Anticipation Of A Good Crypto Rally


2018 was very interesting for top crypto. In the middle of December last year, Bitcoin cost $ 20,000 per coin, and by February its rate had dropped to 7,000. Everyone was waiting for the rapid fall, which would carry the entire crypto market with it, but this did not happen. Moreover, at the point of $6000–7000, Bitcoin received serious support, which allowed experts to make optimistic forecasts for the end of 2018 and even further. The same happened to ether. Markets stopped in anticipation. Anticipation of a full-fledged pre-New Year rally.

The exchange excitement is regularly fueled by media people public appearances, that may have an impact on the market. It was just last month, Steve Wozniak, Michael Novograc, Nigel Green and Alexis Ohanian managed to speak out about the brilliant prospects of the ethereum. The first one stated that the ether in the long term “can be as influential in the digital economy as Apple is in the real world.” The second one spoke out in the sense that no one needs to have 100 blockchains, one good enough is enough, and it can and should be ether. The last two predicted the Ethereum cost before the end of the year at the point of $ 2500–3000.

At the same time, ICO Genie CEO Akshay Mehra, former head of the Fortress hedge fund Michael Novogratz, and Tom Lee, who does not need to be introduced, managed to speak out in favor of Bitcoin. All of them see good prerequisites for the Bitcoin quotes growth in the form of limited emissions, which protect the cryptocurrency from inflation. Akshay Mehra considers Bitcoin “the best of all stock exchange tools he knows, which are much higher than gold.” Novogratz and Lee also rate Bitcoin’s stock market prospects very high. The first predicts the rate of cryptocurrency at the point of $ 40,000 per coin before the end of this year. The second — the point of $ 20,000, which still looks like a giant progress compared to today’s quotes.

It should be said that all these optimistic statements are backed up by very real reasons. So, popularity among developers speaks for Ethereum, its blockchain is useful to business, besides, the ether has become the “default solution” for ICO. In favor of Bitcoin, it has vitality and ability to resist the most powerful pressure from regulators speaks. The following conclusions speaking for Bitcoin could be made out of recent news: Canada refused to tax cryptocurrency incomes, digital assets were recognized as legitimate means of payment in Germany, bitcoins are sold almost on every corner in Australia, plus the possibility of paying in BTC has been declared by Amazon.

As for our forecasts, if the pre-New Year’s rally does take place, then Bitcoin and the Ethereum should play all the losses of the beginning of 2018. In this sense, the most likely rates by the middle of December is seen at around $16–17 000 per a Bitcoin, and $ 1,000 per Ether.

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